How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli – [Chapter 14]

“Have you forgotten what I told you?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“If that’s the case, then why do I have to say it again.”

“Cause I forgot.”



What sort of expression should I have now? Anger? Helplessness? Happiness? Nah, none of these would be right.

So I laid on the sofa, expressionless, looking at the loli who was kneeling on the ground, picking what movie to watch.


“It’s just being neighbours, there’s no need to hide.”

“That’s easy for you to say, Hao Ran.”


I raised my brows and twisted my head to look at Hao Ran. Like me, he was also lying on the sofa, enjoying the peace and quietness.


“Of course. Plus, why are you complaining when you have such a beautiful neighbour?”

“There’s a lot of things to complain about. For example, why are you and Zhou Xue in my house?”

“Is that bad? Watching movies with friends and chit chatting over snacks. Isn’t that great?”

“Hello? Is this Sister Yao? Wang Hao Ran is over at my place…”

“Hold on! Let’s talk this out!”

Hao Ran snatched the phone away and hang up. Seeing his reaction, I guessed that he was here to hide rather than to hang out.


“Ahem. By the way, Zhou Xue when did you move in?”

“Hey, don’t change the topic.”

“A few days ago.” The loli replied as she revealed the results of her careful selection, a horror movie. “I was surprised back then too.”

“There are many coincidences in this world.”

“That’s right.”

“You two…”


Looking at them banter and flirt, I could not help but feel frustration in my heart.

However, I cannot just chase them out of my house. It’s meaningless to do so.

As such, I could only choose to accept them fooling around in my house. To be honest, they did not do anything particularly outrageous, I was just feeling more annoyed than usual.


“What’s the plan for dinner.”

“Before thinking about dinner, I have to survive till dinner first.”

“What did you do to Sister Yao again?”

“Nothing much, I just ate the ice cream in her fridge.”


How is this guy still alive.

Does that not mean that I can get some peace and quiet if I sell him out? Oh right, I still need him to act as a shield for me, he cannot be overtly responsible for his wrongdoings.

Even if he is, there’s the problem of a certain someone hugging my arm.

As I thought of that in my mind, I looked at the loli who was sitting right beside me.


“What are you doing.” I asked her as I removed my arm from her embrace.

“Umm… It’s a little scary.”


Let me get this clear. It was their decision to come to my house for a movie. The horror movie was the loli’s choice. Then what? The now tells me that she’s scared?

“Then, shall we switch to another movie?” I said as I suppressed the urge to start scolding the loli.

“But… I kinda wanna watch it.”


What a hassle. A real hassle.

Since that’s what the loli decided on, then so be it.

Hence, I ignored her and redirected my eyes back to the screen. Coincidentally, the scene was that where a ghost shows up.



“Ouch!!! It hurts!!! Let go!”


Frightened, the loli clamped down on my arm. If it was just her hugging my arm, I would have been fine. The problem lies in the fact that her nails were digging in!

That’s right. Although it was separated by the shirt, I could still feel, from the extreme pain, that her nails were digging in with such strength that there would definitely be marks left behind.



“Stop laughing, help me!”

“No way, I’ve never seen you in such an undignified and helpless situation… Ahaha.”

While Hao Ran laughed at my distress, my face was contorted from the pain and anger at the betrayal. In any case, it did not seem like relief would come anytime soon.

The loli just held on to me tightly while Hao Ran just looked on in laughter.


“Enough! You guys stop it right now!!!”


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