How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli – [Chapter 13]

“Eh? Fei Yu made a lunch box?”

“I wish you were dead.”

With a single sentence, Hao Ran managed to place the attention of the entire class on me.

I had no choice but to close the lunch box that I had just opened and leave my seat with it.

“Maybe it’s because I’m fitter?”

“Stop acting dumb you bastard.”

Hao Ran also picked up his lunch box and followed me, clearly knowing where I intend to go to.


“Hey, it’s not nice to curse your friend the moment you meet.”

“Then what should I say?”

“How about a greeting?”


As he talked, he waved to a girl walking pass us who I didn’t recognise. Needless to say, he raised a flag with another girl while I was unaware.


“Oh, may I ask how your eminence’s body is doing?”

“It’s fine, thank you for your excellency’s concern.”

“Is that so? Why don’t you explain what you mean by that?”

“Eh? About that. Ahaha…”

Hao Ran laughed, trying to muddle his way past my question. I just rolled my eyes and pushed open the door to the roof.



I shut the door with a bang.


“Let’s go back.”

“What happened?”

I turned around to head downstairs but Hao Ran stopped me and asked me for my reason. I looked back carefully to check if the door was closed. After making sure, I whispered softly, “Trust me, you’ll regret if you don’t.”

“So, what’s the reason?”

“Why do you care so much? Just go…”

“Ara, it’s my little brother. Why don’t you come here?”



I shrugged my shoulders and continued down. I had only taken a few steps and another voice appeared.


“Fei Yu Fei Yu, did you come to have lunch too?”



Hold on, I did not see the loli when I pushed open the door. Am I hallucinating? Yeah, I must be, there can not be any other solution.

“Hey Fei Yu, the loli is calling for you.”

“You shut up.”

Hao Ran was obviously trying to sabotage me. Damn it, I was only sticking around him to avoid trouble, so why does it feel like I have more to deal with now?

“Let’s go. Accepting reality is a good thing.”

“Hao Ran dragged me onto the rooftop. As the breeze blew gently, I looked at the loli, not knowing what to say. Rather, there was no use no matter what I said.

After all, we had matching lunch boxes!!!


“Mhmm, I see.”

“So that’s how it is.”

“So it’s like this.”

“What do you guys understand?”

I held onto the lunch box and looked at everyone present. All of them had knowing smiles on their faces…

Except for the loli.


“What happened? Did something happened?”

“Lo… No. Zhou Xue, where did you study before you came here?”

“An all girls school.”




I understand everything now.

The reason behind her closeness must be her treating me like a girl. Speak of which, is it because of the good relationship between neighbours in foreign nations that I’m able to crash at their place for food?

Thinking like this, I understood the situation a lot more. Though this was limited to me alone.

As I could not be bothered with how others think, the situation happened.


“I remember you coming with Zhou Xue to visit me while I was sick.” Hao Ran said

“Yeah, you guys even bought popsicles.” Sister Yao added.

“Speaking of which, I remember Xiao Xue telling me where she lived. That placed felt oddly familiar to me.” Tian Ling also joined in.

“Ah, that’s probably because I live next to Fei Yu’s house.”





“That’s why.”

“I see.”

“As expected.”

“Hey, what do you guys know!”


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6 thoughts on “How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli – [Chapter 13]

  1. Pingback: How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli – [Chapter 13] | FishyTranslation

    • They don’t say she is a girl but that the loli treat her as a girl “The reason behind her closeness must be her treating me like a girl.”


      • Exactly, if MC wasn’t a girl, then what? Are they supposed to be a seriously feminine guy (trap)? Others don’t seem to be treating MC this way, so I can only assume MC is a girl…


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