How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli – [Chapter 12]

“Is it really important whether I’m staying alone?”

“Not really, I’m just a little concerned.”

Concerned? Who was the last person that cared about me? Her? Or was it my parents?

I’ve forgotten and can’t be bothered to try recalling.

“That’s more or less I guess.”

I’ve gotten sick of hiding and decided to come clean. I really don’t get why I was being so careful before.

“Are you ok with it? Living alone when you are still a high school student.”

“Yeah it’s fine or rather, I’m used to it.”

I stood up and started stacking the dishes.

“If you meet any problems, you can come to find me anytime.”



Don’t worry, that won’t happen.


Bringing the dishes to the kitchen, I turned on the tap and started washing them. Soon after, the loli came to join me. She stood by my side and started to dry the clean dishes with a towel.

“Fei Yu, do you really live alone?”

“Is living alone that special?”

“Uh… But renting a house, don’t you need…”

“I have a sister.”

Finishing the last dish, I turned off the tap and dried my hands. Then, I told the loli, “my sister rented the house for me.”

“Then, your sister…”

“She is in university.”

That was the end of our conversation.

I left the kitchen, thanked the aunty and left for my house.


On the next day, I left my house as per usual, but the loli was waiting for me.

“Good morning Fei Yu.”

“Good morning.”

I replied to her greeting and left for school.

“Fei Yu, have you finished yesterday’s homework?”


“I think there’s gym lesson today.”


“Are you still having bread for lunch?”


“Do you want a lunchbox? Mom made extra for you.”

“Yea… What?”


On the road to school, the loli kept talking to me. I, on the other hand, barely paid any attention to her, until I felt that she said something strange and stopped walking.

“What happened?”

She blinked at me with some confusion. To such a reaction, I felt more confused then she was.

While this it only a guess, I doubt that there was no reason behind the extra lunch box. That said, what would that mean to me?

In the end, declined the offer since I was used to my incomplete diet.

“It’s fine, you can keep it.”

“But I can’t finish 2 servings. My belly would be bulging if that was the case.” The loli said that while patting her small and flat belly.

Maybe it’s natural, maybe it’s an act. Though, I doubt that’s the case given her lack of emotional maturity.

I started thinking about the positive motives. Trying to get on my good side? Probably not, I presume they are just pitying me for living alone.

I really don’t feel comfortable with this.

I didn’t reveal my discomfort and continued as if nothing was wrong.

“Give it to a friend.”

“Then all the more it should be you! Fei Yu is my friend!”

The loli put down her bag, took out the lunch box and handed it to me.

I looked at the lunchbox and didn’t know what to do.


“Thank you.”

In the end, I decided to accept the lunch box and thanked her.

“You don’t have to thank me since I’ll be relying on you a lot more in the future!”

“That makes it a really bad deal for me doesn’t it?”

Though I said that, I still placed the lunchbox in my bag. Conflicted, I looked at the loli momentarily before carrying my bag once again and continued on the way to school.


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