How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli – [Chapter 10]

How did it come to this…

The loli and I walked on the road to Hao Ran’s house. Naturally, we remained silent.

While it was awkward, I did not intend to change the atmosphere. After all, it wasn’t all that bad.

Suddenly, the loli turned to look at me with a tired expression and asked, “Yu Fei Yu Fei, how much further until we reach Hao Ran’s house.”

After some silence, I answered the loli’s question, “Soon…”

“But I’m tired…”

“How could you already be tired, we’ve barely started.”

“We’ve walked a lot.”

After leaving school and reaching that crossroad, we’ve only walked an extra 5 minutes.

Compared to the distance to our house, this much wasn’t anything special.

“Are you having a fever?”

“No I’m not. Why do you ask?”

The loli tilted her head and looked at me confused. Though she looked very cute, it did not trigger any attraction in my heart. Rather, I felt a sense of “she way more trouble than I imagined.”

“Nevermind what I said.”

I decided not to explain and continue walking in silence in response to the endless questions and complaints of the loli.


However, it didn’t continue for much longer as we passed by a supermarket.

The loli became silent. I stopped and turned around.

The loli was already at the entrance of the supermarket, peering in but not daring to step in.

I had no choice but to walk back to her and ask her, “What do you want to eat?”

“Ice cream.”

The loli shamelessly declared her wish.

I, on the other hand, turned and walked away without the slightest bit of hesitation.


A hand reached out and stopped me.

It was the loli.


“What do you want?” I asked without looking back.

“Ice cream.”

“Then go get it yourself.”

“I forgot to bring my wallet.”



More and more people started looking at us as we stopped and looked at each other in silence…


Ding Dong.

The door to Hao Ran’s house opened and Sister Yao appeared in front of us.

“Welcome, Fei Yu.”

“Is Hao Ran ok?”

I took off my shoes and entered the house as Sister Yao stepped aside to let us in.

“He’s feeling much better now.”

“That’s good to hear.”

I nodded as I heard the news and headed upstairs. However, I was stopped by Sister Yao as I reached the foot of the stairs.

Before she could ask, I answered her question.
“She’s the student on duty today, so the teacher had her tag along.”

Simultaneously, I pointed towards at the loli who was still standing at the door and looking around curiously.


“Those two… A guy and a girl alone in a room…”

“Hao Ran, I’m here to see you!”

I interrupted Sister Yao and went around her as I headed upstairs.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, please have this.”

The loli was polite and bowed to greet Sister Yao. Then she passed a popsicle to Sister Yao and rushed to follow me.

“Hold on.”

As we reached Hao Ran’s room, I stopped the loli from knocking on the door. After Sister Yao arrived, I asked her, “How long have you been downstairs?”

“Just long enough to open the door for you guys.”

“Mhmm, should be enough time.”

“She sure has a bad memory.”

“Have you gotten used to it?”

“Of course.”

“Um, what are you two talking about?”

The loli interrupted our discussion and tried to understand the situation.

I grabbed the door handle and said, “You’ll find out in a moment.”

Finishing my sentence, I twisted the door handle forcefully.

A particularly loud sound could be heard and then came silence.

Only then did we open the door.


“Hi Tian Ling, thanks for the hard work.”

As I greeted Tian Ling, I placed my school bag on the writing desk, took out the stack of paper and left them on the table.

Then I took the bag of popsicles from the loli, fished two sticks out and left the rest on the table.

“Tell Hao Ran I said hi when he wakes up.”

After making sure that Hao Ran was indeed asleep, I left after a brief greeting.

Though I chose to ignore it, I’m sure Tian Ling’s face was red.

“Whatever comes next will be for you guys to settle.”

“You’re leaving already?”

“Yeah, since the loli’s mom would be worried if she returned too late.”

I nodded in reply to the question and dragged the loli out of the room.


Just as we reached the 1st floor, I could hear the sound of Sister Yao and Tian Ling arguing, along with the sound of Hao Ran trying to stop the fight.

“Hao Ran… You sure don’t have it easy either.”

After a brief moment, I wore my shoes and left the house.

As for the loli, she obediently followed by my side without the slightest bit of sound.


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