How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli – [Chapter 1]

What type of character am I?

This is a question I’ve thought of many times in my life.

Some people say that everyone is the main character of their life, but I’ve always found that to be stupid.

In order to be a ‘Main Character’, I feel that the person has to be unique. When compared with other people they should stand out as someone special. But then again, if this is so, does that mean the ‘Main Character’ loses their status as soon as they meet someone more unique than themself?[

In the end, I guess it doesn’t really matter. After all, I’m not, nor can I become, the ‘Main Character’ that everyone decides to focus their attention on.

Maybe I just have a weird personality, but I can’t stand the thought of being in the spotlight. But then again, I can’t stand the thought of being overlooked either.

Therefore, I’ve decided that I’d be the ‘Number Two’.

Of course, by ‘Number Two’ I don’t actually mean that I’ll always be second in everything. I just don’t want to be as popular as the ‘Main Character’, while at the same time I don’t want to be so generic as to become a ‘Background Character’.

I guess you could call me a ‘Supporting Character’.

When it comes to academics, I don’t aim to be the top student. When going out with my classmates, I’m not the one directing the flow, but I’d never allow myself to be left out of any decision making.

With this sort of personality and thought process in life, I successfully made it into high school.

When most people think of high school, they think of a great place containing both childish dreams and the cold reality of the adult world. A place that’s unlike middle school, with its foolish dreams that rarely work out in the real world. Yet neither is it like college and its rough transition into real society.

Of course, given my personality, none of this really applies to me.

Even though I find it beneath me, as a ‘Supporting Character’ I need to find a main character to support.

Thankfully, I’ve already found a good target. As long as I’m by his side, I should be able to safely play my role without facing any hardships.

“Fei Yu, do you want to grab something to eat?”

“No thanks, I’m already going with someone else.”

After replying, I begin to head towards the roof, swinging my lunch box back and forth as I walk past a few ‘Background Characters’ that tried to greet me.

It’s been a month since high school started and I finally got a chance to meet my ‘Main Character’.

“So slow…”

I leaned against the wire mesh surrounding the edge of the rooftop, my eyes staring at the only entrance. Since I knew why he was taking so long, it wasn’t much of a surprise. I decided to just open up my lunchbox and eat while waiting.

Shortly after I finished my lunch, my waiting paid off.

“And that’s why Hao Ran should go shopping with me after school!”

“No, Hao Ran should be cooking with me at home!”

I couldn’t help but sense a headache coming when I heard their noisy approach.

The ‘Main Character’, Wang Hao Ran had arrived.

My mind began to wonder as I watched his approach and I began to think back to why I chose him.

One glance and you could just tell that he had the looks, wealth, strength, intelligence, and charm of a ‘Main Character’.

Though I look better than him in terms of appearance, he surpasses me in other areas.

While he’s wealthier than me, his parents are constantly busy because of that. They rarely have time for him and his non-blood-related sister, causing them to spend most of their time alone in their home.

His physical superiority lies in his amazing speed, though how he got so fast is unknown to me.

His intelligence is around the same as mine, with him getting slightly higher grades.

Even with his intellect, however, he still manages to fall short when it comes to EQ.

That said, his charm does seem to make up for it somewhat, with his impressive aura tending to cause people to overlook his weak social skills.

“Ah, Fei Yu!”

After noticing my gaze, Hao Ran quickly ditched the two arguing girls by his side and ran over to join me.

“I’m saved…” he sighed.

“It’s really tiring to be you, isn’t it?”

I passed one of the extra cans of soft drink to him. He shot me a grateful look before replying to my ‘question’.

“It’s alright, I’m used to it.”

As he said this though, I noticed him sneak a glance at the two girls arguing in the distance.

The girls two girls were Hao Ran’s childhood friend, Tian Ling, and his sister, Wang Yue Yao.

Tian Ling is a petite girl with brown hair best known for her cheerful personality, while Wang Yue Yao has long black hair and is best known for the aura of elegance she seems to let off.

Having busy parents, a beautiful onee-chan [1], and an attractive childhood friend makes him seem like the protagonist of a harem anime.

Though some would be jealous of this, I happen to enjoy the current situation. ????

“Why are those two here? Shouldn’t Sister Yao be with the sophomores? And I could have sworn that Tian Ling had a class right now…”

“It’s a long story…” Hao Ran forced a smile before continuing,

“I originally wanted to go to the toilet before coming to find you, but I was stopped by Tian Ling on the way and met my sister soon after that while I was trying to escape.”

“It must have been tough. Though I seem to remember you telling me that you had amazing luck?”

“Fine, It seems like my luck isn’t so great after all.” Hao Ran shrugged.

“I just can’t seem to ditch them.”

Not only is he not fighting back, but he’s basically letting himself be dominated!

I opened my mouth to voice my criticism to Hao Ran who was sitting beside me,

“Shouldn’t you be doing something about that?”

“It’s not like they’re going to stop, why should I bother fighting a pointless battle?”

“Why? So that we can enjoy a peaceful lunch break?”

“Yeah, I guess that makes sense.”

As Hao Ran said this, he reluctantly stood up and went over to the girls.

I took a quick swig of my drink before following him.

“Tell us Hao Ran, who are you going to go with”

Tian Ling pointed at Hao Ran, glaring at him in a manner that seemed to leave no room for disagreement.

“Ara [2], are you going to cheat on me??”

“Can you not tease me!?”

“Let’s just all calm down, alright?”

I decided to be the good guy and attempted to stop their quarrelling.

“Not you too!” Tian Ling screamed at me before quickly turning back to face Hao Ran.

“Choose, do you want to follow me and go shopping or follow Sister Yao and go cooking?”

Wang Yue Yao gently walked over and embraced Hao Ran, pushing him into her chest before saying, “Isn’t it obvious who he is going to choose? Of course he’ll be going home with me.”

“No way! Hao Ran, you’re going shopping with me, right!?”

“Uh… Eh… Fei Yu, help me!!!”

“The weather seems awfully nice today.”

I put my hands over my ears and gazed at the blue sky.

My name is Lin Fei Yu and this was a common scene in my peaceful life. But things changed when a certain someone appeared.


Before the afternoon lessons started, I was staring out the window daydreaming. I thought that today would be just another day in my peaceful life.

I was wrong.

Very wrong.


“This is Zhou Xue, she will be your classmate from now on. She has just returned from overseas, so please take care of her.”

The form teacher’s speech instantly grabbed my attention, my head moving straight towards the podium.

My vision was filled with the sight of a loli with silver hair.

“Nice to meet you all! My name is Zhou Xue, I hope to get along well with everyone.”

The loli, Zhou Xue, bowed as she greeted us. As she finished her greeting, she flashed a sweet smile and used her small hands to tuck a few loose strands of hair back behind her ears.


Lolis are usually attractive, but it doesn’t really concern me, so I turned my head back to the window and continued to daydream.

Soon afterwards I heard the form teacher call my name, but I dismissed it after realising that it was just to let the loli know where to sit.

“Hello, I’m Zhou Xue, let’s get along.”

It was at this time when I heard her voice again. So I turned over to face the smiling loli who has just greeted me.

“Hi, I’m Lin Fei Yu”

The loli nodded before heading behind me to take her seat as I returned to daydreaming.

I thought that today would be just another day in my peaceful life, but with the loli’s sudden arrival, that was no longer possible.

In fact, it wasn’t just today that changed, but my entire high school life.

During that time, I became well aware that all I could ever be was a ‘Supporting Character’.

[1] TL Note: Onee-chan usually means older sister, but in this case, it’s used as a way to describe the particular character type.

[2] TL Note: “Ara” is a verbal tic of the Onee-chan character type. Typically means “Oh my/Dear me.”

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  2. Eeeeeeh ? Shouldn’t be “her side” in the last sentence ? I mean the series got a yuri tag and all ! Come on plz i came to get yuri, not a random generic normal romance !


      • Thx you for responding. Now i only hope she don’t do anything stupid with “this guy”. High chance it won’t happen but i’m a pessimist. Can’t wait for the yuri.


        • Hmmm, I didn’t have time to read THAT far in, but I did see an author’s note that gives a bit of idea of what the story would be like. It’ll probably be slice of life kind of yuri rather the entire focus of the story :/


  3. Can a big-boobed high school girl really be called a loli? That word seems to always be stretched way past its limits in Chinese novels.


  4. Can a big-boobed high school girl really be called a loli? That words always seems to be stretched way past its limits in Chinese novels.


  5. Pingback: How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli – [Chapter 1] – FishyTranslation

  6. Pingback: How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli – [Chapter 1] | FishyTranslation

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