Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 31]

Rebirth Junior High School – [Chapter 31]


I am back! Tadaima!

So my competitions and stuff ended, which means I can finally get back to translating.

The past few months of effort basically went wasted and I didn’t win any prizes cause the stupid drone had inferior specs.

So anyway, other than the common tests next week, other exams in the future and the A levels at the end of the year, I should be mostly free.

So here’s to more translation to keep my mind off whatever other failures I have 😀

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Link: [Chapter 31]

2 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 31]

  1. So I’m one that invests in novels if they meet my minimum standards. First, the chapters have to reach in the 100s and secondly they have to show a sufficient and steady amount of chapters per month. This is the only way to build a positive reputation in tling. Nothing feels worse than investing in a novel and having the TL up and quit on ya. As far as that second part- sufficient and steady goes, take this novel for example. There are almost 2000 chapters. Right now because some months only had 1 or 2 chapters translated(Oct had none) and the max amount was 10 or so per month(twice) it equals out to 4.5 chapters a month. Meaning, a finished product can be seen in roughly 20 years. If it was steady at 10 a month that would still take a decade to complete. Generally, most readers will only browse the first chapters when its like this to see if the story is even to their liking but they definitely won’t follow it. 10 years(minimum) is far too long. However when ppl see those 2 requirements fulfilled so they can finish a series in 5 or less years then 1) the views skyrocket and 2) the “pledgers” skyrocket. TL groups like wuxiaworld, rebirth online,misty cloud, moonbunny all followed this basic rule and they get bigger and bigger. Misty cloud and moon bunny are newer examples(so good examples). I think ppl would be truly surprised to know how much money actually comes in for those that do this right. Just some food for thought;)


    • Really interesting. For now, this is still a one-man show, so it’ll be tough to up the release rate. Especially since I’m stuck in the final year of high school/junior college and I got to deal with A levels next year. In the end, I stuck to this story cause I didn’t want to be one of those people who up and leave the thing undone, so slow and steady is my best offer for those readers who are willing to stick with me 🙂


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