OP Waifus – Chapter 19 Part 5

Cecyl joins the battle!

She brought some intense firepower that the author took literally like 5 lines to express exactly how intense it was.

So intense that it broke WordPress and I have no idea how to fix the sound effect XD


Hopefully to get to enjoy it even more than I did ^^

It’s a little tough to enjoy the story when your mind is focused on figuring out how to translate the story XD


Other than that, I got my first patreon 😀

I feel so much more encouraged seeing the support/appreciation/trust/etc. (not sure how exactly you guys see me lmao XD) that you guys have in me ^^

Also boosts me a little in my dream of buying all the anime figurines in the world


Anyways, here’s the chapter.

Enjoy ^^



Direct: [Chapter 19 Part 5]

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