The Pitiful Me Does Not Need a Dazzling Life – Chapter 3

Thankfully there wasn’t anyone around to judge my appearance as I ran towards the classroom. I stopped as I reach the classroom and entered through the back door, trying my best to suppress the sound of me panting and gasping for air.

“Huff… The teacher isn’t here yet?”

It seems like I was lucky. I leaned against the wall, recovering and observing the situation before me.

On the blackboard, the words “Please gather at the schoolyard in 20 minutes for the welcoming ceremony.” were written in chalk. Relative to my experience this morning, this could be counted as a blessing. Nevermind, I’ll just rest here for a bit…

Looking around, I saw my classmates chit chatting cheerfully. It seems that there wasn’t anyone I recognised. At the same time, something interesting caught my eye.

Perfect, the table by the window at the back of the classroom is empty, that’ll be my spot then.

I made my way across to the table while trying to remain as low key as possible.

“Ah… I’m beat…”

I laid on the table and buried my head in my arms, softly vented my frustrations. Tired and hungry, I really felt like I was going to pass out the next moment. I might as well take sick leave at this rate… Yeah, I’ll say that I sprained my ankle after falling down from my bike on the way to school.

“Oi!” Chen Xu Heng patted me on my back and sat in the seat in front of mine.

“What do you want?” I asked lifelessly, not bothering to look up at him.

“What with your lifeless appearance.”

“You should know why.”

“I’ve already sent her to the sick bay, it wasn’t anything serious.”


“Oh? Such a small reaction?”

“What about it?”

“Ai… This is why you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“You make it sound as if you have one.”

“I do have you.”

“Go away, I’m not gay.” I felt a chill run down my spine as I stared at him disgusted.

“Her name is Su Zhi Mo, the top scorer in the entrance exams and the Freshmen Representative of our batch.”

“Oh, impressive. Now can you hush and let me rest a bit?”

Chen Xu Heng chuckled wryly, “If we don’t head to gather now, all our efforts before this would have been wasted.”

“Ah…” Having to move before the sweat have dried off… Just how much hardship must I go through…


Following Chen Xu Heng, I plodded my way to the schoolyard. Following the form teacher’s instructions, I took my position.

Soon after, a guy in a black suit who looked slightly over 20 years old stepped behind the podium with a smile. Instantly, the crowd quietened down.

“Dear students, welcome to Yun You Private High School, I am the principal of this school. Yun You Private High School is a school based on the essence of various cultures. From today onward, you will be spending your wonderful youth here…”

Can this boring, cliche and long speech just end quickly? We all know this is just a formality… Just when can I find something to eat…

“I’ll let the Freshmen Representative give her speech.”

As the Freshmen Representative walked onto the stage, the originally quiet atmosphere was replaced by the sound of discussion about this beautiful girl.

Praises like “Beautiful”, “Cute”, “Cool” could be heard all around. I ignored those and focused on her ankles… Hold on, I’m not a pervert! It’s natural considering that she had sprained her ankle in the morning… I could see that her ankle was bandaged… Is she really fine?

“To my fellow students, esteemed teachers, my name is Su Zhi Mo and I’m the Freshmen Representative of this year’s batch…”


After about an hour, the welcoming ceremony finally ended and we headed back to class on the instructions of our form teachers. It seemed that lessons only started in the afternoon and we would be given free time to explore the school after settling the admin matters.

“This morning’s exercise was more than all the exercise I did this summer…” I complained helplessly.

“You’re just lazy.” Chen Xu Hang said plainly.

“None of your business. Ah… I so hungry…”

Seeing my pathetic appearance, Chen Xu Heng chuckled and pulled 2 pieces of chocolate bread out of his pockets and handed them to me. I was surprised beyond imagination after seeing that.

“Where did that come from.”

“The school cafeteria.”

“When did you… Was it when you sent her to the sick bay?”

Chen Xu Heng smiled slyly and shrugged his shoulders.

“Why didn’t you take these out sooner.”

He seemed to be enjoying my exasperated expression as he replied, “I was going to tell you before, but… I forgot.”

I chewed on my bread while complaining to Chen Xu Heng, “That has got to be on purpose…” Seeing Chen Xu Heng’s brilliant smile only served to piss me off. However, despite the torturous process, in the end, he was still helping me, so I figured I’ll stop complaining too much and vent my anger on the bread.


“You don’t have to thank me, that’ll be 10 yuan. [1]”


“Just kidding.”

I can finally take a break! As I sat down on the seat I choose previously and felt a sense of bliss wash over me. This seat is perfect, a cooling breeze from the air conditioner, a wall that I can lean against to sleep and a beautiful view… I’ve got no regrets in my youth now.


I was about to enter dreamland when I heard a commotion. Lazy to open my eyes, I patted Chen Xu Heng to find out what was happening.

“Does giving out books warrant such a commotion?”

“You’d know why if you open your eyes.”

“Geez, that’s a helpful hint.”

I unwillingly opened my eyes and saw that a black haired beauty was seated in the middle of the classroom being surrounded by a crowd.

“This coincidence…” I sighed, not believing this.

I thought to myself, “Is this a Web Novel?”

“Yeah, seems like it’s fate. Let’s invite her for a tour around the school later.”

“Count me out. I’m heading home once this is over.”

“Dude, you have to change your attitude. We’re high school students now, do you understand what it means to be in high school? You’ve got to have an exciting and passionate love life!”

“Screw that, home is so much more appealing.”

“Sigh… Seems like, your sister is a lot more important?” Chen Xu Heng grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

“What does this have to do with her? I just want to go back and sleep.”

“I wonder.”

I cupped my hands under my chin and stared out the window. Chen Xu Heng saw that I didn’t intend on continuing the conversation and turned back to do his own things.

Having settled the admin matters, it was now time for us to explore the school compound.

The school doesn’t have compulsory supplementary lessons, so there were no night self-study sessions but we do still have a day of lessons on Saturdays. Compared to other schools which have lessons on Sundays as well, this is a significant reduction in workload. Yun You Private High School emphasizes holistic education so there was a lot less pressure on students to study.

For me, this was perfect as I prefer shutting myself in my room, doing whatever I want compared to studying.

Chen Xu Heng turned around and asked me, “What we do now?”

“Didn’t I tell you my plan? I’m going home to sleep.”

“I thought you were joking…”


Suddenly, I feel the commotion shifting closer to us. Su Zhi Mo was heading towards us. The form teacher had just left and there was already a crowd of boys circling around Su Zhi Mo. Judging their commotion, they were just one step short of making confessions.

Su Zhi Mo walked towards us while dealing with the boys around her. I turned the other way after meeting her gaze. No doubts about it, she was heading our way.

Xu Heng flashed a slightly stiff smile at me. It was clear that he was surprised too. He didn’t expect that Su Zhi Mo would come to us on her own accord, but since it was such a good chance to invite her for a school tour, he clearly wanted me to back him up as a wingman.

Naturally, out of my great selflessness and gratefulness for the bread, I only had one choice.

Su Zhi Mo was getting closer by the second and with her comes the attention of the class. Unlike Chen Xu Heng, I just wanted a simple and peaceful high school life.

So, when Su Zhi Mo was just about to reach us, I quietly stood up and blinked at Chen Xu Heng before turning to face Su Zhi Mo with a blank expression.

Chen Xu Heng was still smiling, looking forward to the opportunity that was about to come.


Well, I’m sorry to disappoint.

I looked down and walked past Su Zhi Mo and out of the classroom. There was only a brief moment where the attention turned to me, but that returned to Su Zhi Mo as soon as I left the classroom.

Even though I didn’t look back but I could just about guess how much Chen Xu Heng is panicking now.

For some reason, I was in a great mood all of a sudden.

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