Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 99]


You are not my girlfriend, what are you trying to monitor me for?

Yun Hua irritated all of a sudden!

Bao Si Qing, only the other hand, open the lunch box without looking bothered in the slightest.

It smelled great!

Yun Hua’s attention had been redirected in an instant.

Pork ribs soup with corn. The soup was creamy white, appealing just with its look; Winter melon and slices of meat, lightly fried asparagus and a serving of celery with prawns.

Everything looked light but looked delicious.

Bao Si Qing filled up a bowl of rice and started to feed Yun Hua again!

When he fed her porridge in the morning, her focus had been on Fan Meng Ying so she did not notice, but now…

Yun Hua did not even dare to look at Bao Si Qing in the eye, “I… I can do it myself…”

Bao Si Qing raised his eyebrows, “You sure you can hold chopsticks with these bear paws?”

Yun Hua gritted her teeth. Bear paws, bear paws… Bear paws my foot!

“Drink some soup first, Uncle Song’s ancestor was a Royal cook and his skills had been passed down from his ancestor, the average person would not get to try it.” Bao Si Qing scooped up a spoonful of soup, blew it dry and sent it close to Yun Hua’s lips.

Yun Hua told her not to bicker with him.

So she drank the spoonful of soup.

But in the next second, Yun Hua felt so embarrassed that she could die!

After she had drunk the soup, Bao Si Qing scooped another spoonful and fed it into his mouth, remarking, “Let me have a taste too… Mm, it tastes just like it did.”

Yun Hua was almost going to explode from the embarrassment!

He… He shared a spoon with her!

The phrase “indirect kiss” popped into Yun Hua’s head.

“Why’s your face so red? Is it too hot?” Bao Si Qing teased her on purpose.

Yun Hua gave him a sour look, “I’m not eating anymore!”

“Come on, try this winter melon with fried meat, look at Uncle Song’s winter melon, it’s completely clear, you’d get an appetite just from looking at it!” Bao Si Qing picked up a piece of winter melon and placed it on the spoon, sending it beside Yun Hua’s mouth, “Be careful, it’s hot.”

Yun Hua felt extremely conflicted, but she opened her mouth and was about it eat it…

Then, when the winter melon was about to touch her lips, Bao Si Qing twisted his hand and sent the winter melon into his mouth, “Don’t rush, let me taste and see if it tastes nice or not.”

Yun Hua was going crazy from frustration!

“Alright, I’ll stop teasing you, enjoy the meal.” Bao Si Qing said, beaming a huge smile.

Yun Hua gritted her teeth, saying that he would stop teasing her after he already had his fill, bastard!

After eating a small bowl of rice, a few pieces of pork ribs and a bowl of soup, Yun Hua was full.

Bao Si Qing asked her, “Full? You really don’t want anymore?”

“Mm.” Yun Hua nodded.

Bao Si Qing hmmed, “Aiya, you girls are too slow at eating, I’m already starving to death here!”

Yun Hua paused for a moment when she heard him. He has not eaten yet? She thought that he had already eaten long before.

She looked on in surprise as Bao Si Qing picked up the bowl that she was using, filled another bowl of rice, and wolfed down the leftovers.

She took around 20 minutes to eat and he on the other hand… He took less than 5 minutes.

Everything was gone. Even the sauce at the bottom of the plate was mixed into the rice and finished off!

Yun Hua had a face of surprise but she realized that it was logical after thinking further.

As a soldier, especially as someone who frequently goes on dangerous missions, he would definitely eat like a soldier.

But… But all Yun Hua could think of was his family background!

He was a rich kid from the pinnacle of society but he would eat someone’s leftovers and in such a manner too…

“What are you looking at me for? Never seen someone so handsome?” Bao Si Qing put down the cutleries and quickly packed up, “Continue staring at me and I’ll eat you up!”

Yun Hua’s face reddened, “Shameless!” 

Hmph, teasing her with the lines from an old ad!


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