Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 86]


Yun Hua was now very thankful for her experience in the village.

Trekking through the mountains, climbing trees and playing in the rivers were good training that made her more athletic than the average city girl.

The straight pipe was smooth apart from the joints, making it much easier to slide down compared to a tree trunk.

Yun Hua’s knee had already been injured so she decided to slide until she was about a meter above the ground before letting go.

It just so happened that her actions had been seen by Han Luo Luo and the girls.

They would definitely be giving chase.

Yun Hua turned and took off!

She ignored the wound on her knee, she definitely could not let herself be caught by these people!

What Yun Hua did not expect was that she would be stopped by someone when she had barely made any distance from limping.

He Yu Xiang.

When Yun Hua saw him, she wished she could strike him with lightning right there and then!

The more infuriating thing was that Yun Hua was already a spent force, having exhausted all the strength.

After all, she had just finished running 1500 meters, was injured and was desperately trying to escape from Han Luo Luo’s group…

Any other girl would probably be unable to do all these!

But Yun Hua did it, albeit at the expense of all her strength and energy.

Her last sneak attack was on an unsuspecting He Yu Xiang but He Yu Xiang came prepared this time, how could an exhausted Yun Hua be his match?

“Seems like you really really wanted to participate in the swimming competition? You’ve even prepared a set of swimming attire…” He Yu Xiang humphed, “Yun Hua, I’m helping you out here. Even though you can’t participate in the swimming competition, at least you can escape from Han Luo Luo’s group! The girls that Han Luo Luo had brought over had long quit school, their actions would be unimaginable to you!”

“He Yu Xiang, don’t you dare!” Yun Hua’s eyes were bulging from the rage.

He Yu Xiang looked at her coldly, “You should have thought about such a day when you attacked me the last time! Ru Yue is so kind but you keep on bullying her again and again. Then you attacked me there! I’m already going easy by locking you away for only a day!”


Yun Hua was locked in the small and cramped stairwell.

He Yu Xiang tied her to the chair and said bluntly, “I’m warning you, don’t you dare bully Ru Yue in the future, otherwise, the next time wouldn’t be as simple as preventing you from joining the swimming competition!”

Ending his sentence, He Yu Xiang taped Yun Hua’s mouth to prevent her from shouting for help. After that, he turned and left, locking the door of the stairwell!

At this moment, Yun Hua felt like she had lost.

She wanted to change her destiny. She had already been reborn, receiving another chance, so why did it still turn out like this?

No, she cannot surrender, she must not surrender!

No one can interfere with her dreams of standing at the top of the swimming scene!

There was no way Yun Hua could break the hemp rope used to tie her hand. She looked around, the lighting was bad but she could see that the stairwell was used as a storeroom.

There were a few pieces of glass in the corner that were used as spares for the glass on the classroom windows.

Yun Hua took a deep breath. While she could not move, she could topple herself and the chair…

In the instant that she fell, the back of the seat shattered the glass.


The glass shattered.

Yun Hua groped for a piece of shattered glass with her hand.

Finally, she managed to get a hold of a piece of glass, but under the situation where both of her hands are tied, it was not a simple task to cut apart the rope tying her hands.


When Bao Si Qing opened the door, this was the scene he was greeted by.

A floor covered with fresh blood, Yun Hua lying in the pool of blood along with the chair, with her bloodied hands holding onto a piece of glass, frantically sawing away at the rope on her legs…


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  1. and when they met eye to eye,. instead of crying, shed have an expression like “don’t ask” as if shes done with everything


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