Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 83]


Ice water, it really was ice water!

Being drenched with ice water on such a hot day, with a body covered in sweat.

Yun Hua’s body shivered.

She quickly looked at her knee.

The gauze was wet!


Yun Hua was going crazy from anger, it was her first time being so angry!

The injury would already affect her during the swimming competition and now that she was drenched by this basin of ice water causing her wound to come into contact with water, she had to worry about falling sick!

There was no one in the classroom but Yun Hua was sure that such a plot was aimed at her.

Ha Ha.

There was no need to rush, none at all!

She still had the competition to finish. After the swimming competition, she would let them know that she was not someone to be messed with!

However, when Yun Hua finally managed to limp to her table, her expression turned extremely dark.

Her bag was gone!

The drawer of her desk had been pried open and the interior was a mess. Most importantly, the bag containing her swimming gear was gone!

She was only angry from being pranked just now.

But now… Yun Hua was anxious!

She looked through the classroom, at the podium, in the bin…

She ignored her leg and looked for her bag frantically.

She found nothing!

Yun Hua forced herself to calm down. She could not afford to waste more time. She had to go make a call and get her mother to bring her new set! She had to participate in the swimming competition!

Her dreams of swimming were going to end before they could start!

In this life, no one is allowed to destroy her dream!

She was going to get the Olympic Gold Medal and stand at the top of the world!


Yun Hua rushed towards the exit of the classroom.

At this moment, a person appeared at the door.

Han Luo Luo.

Yun Hua’s eyebrows rose. All these were Han Luo Luo’s doing? Why?

“Hey, bitch! How does it feel?” Han Luo Luo smiled coldly at Yun Hua.

Yun Hua frowned, “Han Luo Luo, what’s the meaning of this?”

Han Luo Luo approached Yun Hua with the same cold smile plastered across her face, “This is the end of you!”

Simultaneously, a few more girls walked in from outside. Upon sighting them, Yun Hua’s heart skipped a beat.

The security around the school was lax due it the sports meet and there we students who invited their friends from other schools. The girls that Han Luo Luo had brought had thick eyeshadow on, wearing suspender skirt and fishnet stockings… They were clearly thugs, each of them holding a cigarette in hand, putting on airs.

In Han Luo Luo’s hand was Yun Hua’s bag. She smiled evilly, “Is this what you were looking for?”

Han Luo Luo threw the bag to Yun Hua.

Yun Hua rushed to catch the bag but she had a bad feeling.

She quickly opened her bag…

In that instant, her eyes reddened.

Her swimsuit, swim cap and towel had been cut into pieces and the goggles she placed deep in her bag had been broken too!


Yun Hua’s hand trembled slightly, the anger in her heart reaching its peak.

“Han Luo Luo, you better make yourself clear. If I’m gonna die, at the very least let me die knowing why!” Yun Hua raised her head and stared at Han Luo Luo with her teeth gritted.

Han Luo Luo’s expression changed for an instant. She then pulled a few photos out of her pocket with a cold smile and scattered them in front of Yun Hua, “Sure, take a look! Bitch! You fucking bitch! I knew it was you! Always saying that you like Qi Zi Heng while you seduce He Yu Xiang in real life!”

Yun Hua picked up the pictures and took a look. Her expression changed slightly. 

On the picture, He Yu Xiang was lying on the ground and she was squatting beside him, smiling with her head down beside his ear…

From the angle of the photo, it seemed like she was kissing He Yu Xiang!

Damn it!


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    • Yeah, I’m starting to get pissed off at the brainless author who wrote this stuff. Well, Guess they are just trying to make money or something.


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