Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 65]


Yun Hua could not find a way to describe the looks but she had a bad feeling!

In her past life, she experienced the same thing when Han Luo Luo spreaded the nude pictures of her to the whole school.

In this life… Such a thing would not happen.

So why is everyone looking at her like this?

Yun Hua thought about it and confirmed that none of her enemies could blackmail her so she stopped caring and headed to the track to run.

Training her endurance and expanding her lung volume was the basis for all her exercise.

Yun Hua read out the words softly as she ran

By the end, Yun Hua had finished 10 laps around the track!

Yun Hua slowed down and started walking, sticking to her usual practice of running 10 laps then walking slowly for another 2.

Drinking some water, Yun Hua gave her legs muscles the chance to relax.

“Hua Hua, I brought you breakfast. Mom made pancakes in the morning and there’s also freshly made soy milk with dates and fruits.” Xiao Ru Yue smiled at Yun Hua with breakfast in her hands.

Yun Hua stopped and stood still.

She gave a weird look Xiao Ru Yue a weird look. She did not understand why Xiao Ru Yue was showing her goodwill.

Did she think that they can keep their relationship the same as before?

“Hua Hua, we are… We are sisters.” Xiao Ru Yue bit her lips and looked at her with eyes full of innocence and pity as if she was a puppy abandoned by Yun Hua.

It was a hilarious situation.

“Thank you for the goodwill but I’m not your sister.” Yun Hua smiled, “Nothing will change the fact that you’re the illegitimate daughter of my dad, destroying my family with your mom!”

Finishing, Yun Hua sped up a little and left Xiao Ru Yue behind.

“Hi. Are you here to run too?” He Yu Xiang, who was in a basketball attire, walked over full of sweat, “Preparing for the sports meet? I see Yun Hua running here daily.”

Xiao Ru Yue bit her lips and looked even more wronged. She shook her head and left unhappy with her head held low.

He Yu Xiang heart jolted for a moment and he raced to catch up, “Is something wrong? Are you in a bad mood?”

Xiao Ru Yue shook her head and forced a smile, “It’s nothing, Hua Hua misunderstood me and I might be losing her as a friend.”

Xiao Ru Yue’s eyes were red as she spoke but she still held back her tears.

He Yu Xiang’s heart ached, “You’re so nice to her, what did she misunderstand?! The entire class left her alone and you’re the only one who gave her any attention. When she doesn’t finish her homework, you’d lend her yours to copy and defend her in front of the teachers. She sure is ungrateful!”

“Don’t say that, Hua Hua is very nice…”

“Yue Yue you’re too kind! A person like her doesn’t deserve you as a friend! Don’t be sad.”

“It’s fine but thank you, Hua Hua might just be in a bad mood so it’s fine, I understand.”

Yun Hua did not know about something like that happening behind her back as she headed to the canteen.

She washed her face, bought a bun, a tea egg and milk, eating them as she headed to the classroom.

Along the way…

Everyone was looking at her.

Yun Hua was feeling uneasy, having no idea of what was happening.

When she opened her classroom door, the entire class turned to look at her with expressions of… Excitement!


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