Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 179]


Yun Hua knew that he would ask to meet with her.

What she revealed was extremely important to Brother Qi.

When the tattooed fatty and his men were chasing after Han Fang Zhou’s father to collect his debts, they mentioned the Xi Chuan Chamber of Commerce and Brother Qi. When Yun Hua heard that, she immediately recalled a person named Qin Qi.

There were a lot of important things that happened in her previous life. Qin Qi, who was the boss of Xi Chuan Chamber of Commerce, was betrayed by his most trusted brother, Zhang Guo Bin.

Even though Qin Qi meddled in the gray area of business, he was more principled than the others. He didn’t mind sticking his nose in any profitable business other than drugs.

There was a drug lord from Province Y that wanted to smuggle drugs into the Jiang Xi City’s market, but Qin Qi rejected.

Qin Qi told him that as long as he was there, not even one gram of his drugs would be allowed to enter Jiangxi City.

His refusal caused him to become an obstacle in other people’s eyes. After all, drugs are highly profitable products, so profitable that it would drive people to do anything!

People started to see Qin Qi’s gang as a thorn in their eye. It was fine if Qin Qi didn’t want to join the drug trade, but other people and gangs still wanted to do it. They believed that Qin Qi had no right to block off their potential business.

Those who were tempted by the huge profits of the drug business were displeased with Qin Qi and hoped to overthrow him.

Qin Qi was fully aware of the situation, so he guarded himself and planned for everything that may happen. However, he never expected that his most trusted friend, Zhang Guo Bin would betray him!

Everyone felt injustice for Qin Qi because Qin Qi was Zhang Guo Bin’s lifesaver. If Qin Qi did not save Zhang Guo Bin, then there would’ve been weeds growing over Zhang Guo Bin’s gravestone by now!

But in the end, it was indisputable that it was Zhang Guo Bin who betrayed Qin Qi. He set up a manufacturing site in one of Qin Qi’s villas. He even planted a large number of drugs and raw materials for the drugs in the villa’s basement…

This incident was considered to be big news in her previous life. It was broadcasted everywhere and rumors spread like wildfire. Everyone believed that although Qin Qi was muddled in underworld trades, he was still a benevolent and righteous person.

In contrast, Zhang Guo Bin received Qin Qi’s life-saving grace. But instead of repaying this grace, he bit the hand that fed him. He was an ungrateful bastard.

After Qin Qi fell, the forces and people that participated in the grey area of the underworld business were thrown into a turmoil. It became unsafe for the people living in Jiang Xi City and the city became a mess. Jiang Xi City finally managed to restore its peace and safety two to three years later when a strict chief of public security was elected.

Yun Hua reminded Qin Qi that the drug trade would bring him problems. She also reminded him that sometimes kindness and gratitude can change into hatred by greed. It was no secret that she was clearly referring to Zhang Guo Bin.

People like Qin Qi were too kind. It was precisely because of his kindness and his trust in Zhang Guo Bin that led him to be blinded by what Zhang Guo Bin was doing.

Once Qin Qi started to doubt Zhang Guo Bin… It would be impossible for Qin Qi to be blind-sighted by Zhang Guo Bin!

Although it was just a simple reminder, Yun Hua’s reminder was extremely important to Qin Qi.

Yun Hua already knew that Qin Qi would look for her once he dealt with his personal matters first.

It was a matter of them until they met again; it was a situation that was unavoidable.

Yun Hua didn’t want to be too entangled in his mess nor did she want to drag this on longer than she wanted, so she agreed to the meeting. However, she planned to bring Chu Yu along. If she didn’t bring Chu Yu along… To tell the truth, Yun Hua was actually a little afraid of Chu Yu’s solemn expression.

Qin Qi was a very interesting person. He invited Yun Hua to have lunch together. Their meeting place was a very standard restaurant.

When Yun Hua, Chu Yu, and Han Fang Zhou arrived at the restaurant, Qin Qi was already seated and was slowly drinking tea while waiting for them.

This was Yun Hua’s first meeting with Qin Qi and she was quite surprised by his appearance!

He was very young!

The man sitting in front of her was at most twenty-seven to twenty-eight years old. He was wearing a well-ironed three-piece suit and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He was very well-dressed.

He looked like a gentleman from high society!

Yun Hua was even more surprised when Qin Qi actually got up from his seat and helped her pull her chair away so she could sit down.

He had the manners of a gentleman!


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