Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 1]


[Yun Hua, you said you like me right? Prove it then.]

[Hehe, if I don’t even have this bit of courage, how could I ever hope to be your fiance?]

[I’ll be waiting for you at the Sports Equipment Room at 9pm tonight.]

Look at the qq message on the phone, a mocking smile came across Yun Hua’s face

Opening her desk drawer, there was a bag in it. As for the contents of the bag, she would never be able to forget it. It’s a set of sexy black lace lingerie.

The music teacher just sat there playing his phone, playing a few popular songs and that was it for music lesson. The classroom was filled with the whispering of the students.

8th grade had just started and everyone was still in their holiday mood.

Yun Hua sat at the last row in the classroom, lying down on her table. As she tightly held the bag in her desk, there was a bloodthirsty smile on her face.

It was at this point that she was sure that she had reborned.

Indeed, reborned.

She returned to her 8th-grade self, aged 13.

At this time, she has not been disfigured, her legs were not broken yet, and she had not had her reputation damaged yet. She was still engaged to Qi Zhi Heng and she had not been sent to a mental hospital to undergo inhuman torture…

Maybe it is due to her past life being tragic to a point where even the heavens felt pity, thus giving her the chance to be reborned.

Yun Hua swore to herself that she’ll never be like her past self, and let her kindness be abused by others.

Other than her mother, she would trust no one.

She would not forgive those that abused her kindness and trust in her past life, causing her to fall into a hellish life. An eye for an eye. She swore to make those people pay.

Her life should never have been like that. She swore to regain all her glory, happiness and respect as well as to live a splendid life.

As for those that hurt her, she would let them taste what a hellish life is truly like. She would let them hurt and pay!


Touching the bag once again, Yun Hua smiled evilly. “Let’s start from tonight.” she decided.

Taking her phone and opening qq, she typed up another message.

[Of course I dare to go, only I am good enough for you! However, the sports equipment storeroom is a little far. Is the archive room ok?]

Pressing the send button, Yun Hua’s finger were almost trembling.

Quickly, a reply came back.

[Sure, I’ll be waiting. Don’t disappoint me.]

Switching off her phone. Yun Hua could barely contain the anger in her heart.

How could she possibly forget what happened to her at the start of 8th grade?

She had just received notice that the senpai that she had secretly been crushing on was actually engaged to her due to her grandfather.

The senpai in question is, of course, Qi Zhi Heng. He is known throughout Nanxi Middle School for his handsomeness as well as his talent in various things. He is also the basketball captain as well as a master of the piano.

Speaking of his handsomeness, countless girls pretend to past by his classroom just to catch a glimpse of him.
Other than that, his family background adds on to his appeal.

Who cares about those teen idols on television. Qi Zhi Heng is the real and genuine prince. A real prince with looks, talent, class and family background!

All the girls secretly crush on him. This is too normal. In fact, those that do not are the outliers, probably either cannot feel love or are just blind.

However, everyone can only secretly crush on him and make him the topic of discussion between girls. For these normal girls, the difference between them and him are like heaven and earth, simply unthinkable!

They only dare to write their thoughts in their diaries, write their confessions on scented papers and secretly slip it into Qi Zhi Heng’s desk while harboring the hope that they might just be lucky enough to become his girlfriend.

Yun Hua is just like the other girls, also secretly crushing on Qi Zhi Heng. In fact, she probably has more reason than all the other girls. After all, it was when she was the most disgraced and the most helpless that Qi Zhi Heng had appeared to help and rescue her. To her, he was the glimpse of hope in the gloomy and hopeless situation.

Of course, all of these were simply fantasy. Anyone knew it was impossible.

Until 8th grade started. A gift that Yun Hua could not have even imagined had come to her.

She and the seemly unreachable Qi Zhi Heng were engaged!


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