OP Waifus – Chapter 18 Part 3

Meeting an older sister in a closed guild

Her thin body shivering, Aene opened her eyes.

Fuwaa… Aene yawned and rubbed her eyes.

Aene look at the Leticia who was next to her, and then she turned towards my direction.

Her vision focused as she looked as me.

She gasped.

She stared at me as if she was imagining things while she slowly stretched her hands out towards me.

Aene: “Na-kun…?”

Nagi: “Wha…?”

Aene: “Na-kun! It’s Na-kun!”


Uh. Uh…. What is this?

Aene: “You… Where did you go. You made me worry so much about you!”

Nagi: “Aene!? What are you doing!?”

Aene: “What kind of weird question is that. Aren’t I am your older sister?”Smoosh. Smoosh. Smooooooosh.

What is this. What is happening?

Why are Aene hugging me? Why is she burying my face in her chest?

It feels hot. And soft. And it’s smells good… No it’s not like that.

What do you mean “Na kun”?

I don’t think we are at that relationship yet?

Nagi: “Aene… It’s embarrassing to be called ‘Na kun’.”

Aene: “Eh? But… But… I finally got to meet you after so much time!”

Nagi: “An older sister shouldn’t be doing things that embarrasses their younger brother right?”

Aene: “Fine…”

Aene pouted and released me reluctantly.

This is different from yesterday.

Her usually neat hair had become undone. She looked like she was in a daze, as if she was half awake. Compared to the current her, the Aene who was explaining the quest details was much more alert.

Could this be a result of the shock from having the guild taken away from her?

Leticia came up to me and whispered in my ear.

Leticia: “… The past few years of Aene’s memory had been taken away.”

Nagi: “Her memory?”

Leticia: “It’s a warning to others. To indicate that Aene’s [Common Guild] is gone for good.”

Nagi: “A locking skill?”

Leticia: “No. In this case, items with sacred power were used.”

One would certainly turn to sacred powers for recovery and support magic.

This would be equivalent to the priest class in games.

In other words, this is the work of some kind of psychic type magical power.

Leticia: “The [Iturna Cult], this is the work of the deputy bishop Argis.”

That guy!

I should have eliminated him back then.

Leticia: “The current Aene has her memories in a mess. ‘Na Kun’ is the name of Aene’s younger brother who had died when he was young. His name was ‘Naias’ but your personality does resemble his.”

So that’s the reason for why Aene was acting strangely, acting like she is my older sister.

When we first spoke, she did say that I reminded her of someone she knew.

Ahhhh… I remember it clearly now.

I wanted to keep a strictly business only relationship with the guild.

Aene: “Na kun? Is something bothering you?”

Before I knew it, Aene was staring at me with a face full of concern.

She’s too close.

Nagi: “Uh… I am not ‘Na k’.”

Aene: “If something is bothering you, talk to your older sister ok? I’m doing this for your sake alright?”

Nagi: “Like I’ve said…”

Aene: “Na kun, please don’t go away. We promised to keep the guild going together didn’t we? I’ll do my best. For Na kun’s sake, I will protect the guild… That’s why…”


Aene started tearing up and crying.

Is she remembering the memories from the time of her brother’s death.

Aene: “I’ll do anything for you to remain by my side. That’s right, how about we enter a [Contract]?”

Nagi: “A [Contract]?”

Aene: “Na kun, I remembered you saying that you wanted a slave that would do anything for you. If it means being together with you forever, I’ll become your slave!”


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  4. Uhm does every girl he meets want to have a slave contract with Nagi? I understand Cecyl (he bought her) and Rita (compensation for the lost reward) but it's getting ridiculous. Then again at the same time it's really funny. And poor Aene the cult is really unforgivable at this point. First this bishop tried to get Rita as his personal slave and now this. Nagi should let Cecyl release some ancient magic earthquake on the nearest church or something.


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