How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli – [Chapter 6]

Just like most other people, good weather lifts my spirits to no ends. As such, staring into the distance on this beautiful dawn filled me with serenity and happiness.

Unfortunately, this sense of serenity and happiness would be short-lived as it was going to get noisy in a bit.

“Good morning, Fei Yu.”

“Good morning, Hao Ran.”

I continued staring out the window while replying to Hao Ran. It has been about a month and having figured out most of my habits, he was used to this.

Hao Ran came to my side after putting his bag down. Following my gaze, he too looked out of the window.

“What are you looking at?”

“Hot babes.”

“Doomsday would come before you actually bother with girls.”

Turned to look at Hao Ran, saying, “Can’t I stare at girls?”

He teasingly smiled and said, “I mean, you aren’t interested in girls.”

“Stop making it sound as if I’m homo, you idiot.”

I let out a disgusted face and turned back to look out the window.


Spotting the loli’s silver hair, I frowned and turned back.

“Hey, you were the one who said that.”

“What I said was ‘I wouldn’t approach girls for no good reason’ not ‘I have absolutely no interest in girls.’”

I leaned back against the wall an look at Hao Ran. He shrugged and sat on the opposing chair and said, “Same thing, right?”

“That’s a huge difference!”

“So to say, you like girls?”

“Don’t worry, even if I like guys, you wouldn’t be my target.”

“Am I that bad?”

I snickered and replied him distantly, “The absolute worst.”

Of course, both of us knew we were just joking. Since he was my ‘shield’ for these 3 years of high school, we were slightly closer than normal friends would be.

Using his brilliance to hide myself while relying on his social skills to keep myself from feeling lonely.

“Speaking of which, what’s with the quiet appearance today? Where’s Tian Ling and Sister Yao?”

“I sneaked here first. After all, Sister Yao is still angry and having Tian Ling following me around all the time is pretty annoying too.”

Mutual ridicule happened to spice up the otherwise dry school life, so I didn’t mind it too much.

“By the way, how was the trip home with Zhou Xue?”


Idiot! Why would you raise the topic!

The classroom was pretty empty, but precisely because of that, Hao Ran’s question was heard by the entire class. Instantly, the class started buzzing about it.

“We split after a bit, after all, we live in different places.”

I intentionally raised my voice a little, ensuring that everyone could hear it. Thanks to this, the commotion died down quite a bit, but there were still some staring suspiciously at me.

“Is that so? I thought some light novel cliche would happen, like you two ended up being neighbours…”

Shut up, you idiot!!!

“Reality is, well, reality. On the other hand, what about you? Anything happened while you and Tian Ling were heading home?”

“Um… About that…”

Hao Ran scratched his face shyly and looked around to ensure no one was watching him. He then whispered to me, “I nearly had a kiss stolen from me.”

I exclaimed exaggeratedly, “Tian Ling kissed you?!”

Hao Ran clamped his hands over my mouth and whispered anxiously, “Are you try to kill me? Keep your voice down!”

Of course, I’m redirecting their focus on to you!

“No no, we didn’t actually kiss, just nearly…”

Halfway through, Hao Ran started regretting. Even if it was just ‘nearly’, it still spelt the end for him. After all, Tian Ling was a very cute girl. Plus, he also has Sister Yao, an onee-san type character, waiting at home for him.

It was indeed the right choice to let him be the ‘main character’.

“It sure is lively… Oh, you’re here already Fei Yu.”

Just when Hao Ran was being stared enviously by everyone, the voice of the loli rang out from the door. Instantly, everyone turned over to look at her.

Then, the loli started heading over in my direction.

“Good morning Fei Yu.”


I looked at her and pushed aside Hao Ran’s hand and replied weakly to the loli: “Good morning, loli.”

“You’re really early, I wanted to come toget…”

“Stop, have you finished your homework? Let me take a look.”

Guessing what she was about to say, I stopped her mid-sentence to avoid the mess that would have occurred otherwise.

“Eh? Homework? Hold on, let me get it out.”

The loli placed her bag on my table and started searching for the homework. Just when I was breathing a sigh of relief, another problem was about to reveal itself.

“Fei Yu, I had been wanting to ask this for a while. Why do you always refer to Zhou Xue as a ‘loli’?”


Damn it, how am I supposed to answer this!


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  1. The cake is a lie, the yuri is a lie, everything is a lie, we live in the matrix ! In truth girl might not even exist ! Ô Bonté Divine !


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